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living with cancer

Saying goodbye

It’s a month since we lost him. It’s not the same as losing a child in a busy shopping centre or even a pet who wanders off. Forget the agony of the McCanns, always searching for Madeline or the posters … Continue reading

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Post Script

In the aftermath of coming to the end of the life of this blog, I have been resting, praying and feeling my way forward. After a l-o-n-g winter, early spring is now on the doorstep, so this is simply a … Continue reading

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Sudden death

Two weeks ago the Daily Mail published our family’s story for the second time, as part of the media response to the legal battle between the parents of Neon Roberts over their son’s treatment. We’d waited a week since this … Continue reading

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Protected: Catharsis

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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You have Mail

Just this morning it had crossed my mind┬áthat I should send Angela Carless some form of electronic Christmas greeting, so seeing her name on my phone at lunchtime wasn’t as surprising as it might have been. Perhaps she was sending … Continue reading

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Nice new November

It’s the 1st again so I am full of that ‘clean canvas energy’ feeling again, determined to post an update before the end of the day. Yes – I’ve been here before, of course: in October I was starting the … Continue reading

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A year ago

I am still using things she left behind – kitchen cleaning materials, hairspray, cheap, pink, nail varnish remover. ┬áThe reminders come less often than they used to, but still about once a week her note will catch my eye – … Continue reading

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