My family

A picture pretty much says it all: this is my family in June 2010, the centre around which my life turns. Originally from the south of the country, we have been based in Loughborough for nearly 10 years.

Martin and I have been married for 28 years.  He is wonderful, kind, fun, loyal, loving, enthusiastic, wise, excitable, very clever… annoying and a bit too bouncy at times 🙂  We are happily married with many great memories and few disagreements.  He’s a Professor of medicine in Leicester, leading a research team trying to cure leukaemia and lymphoma and looking after cancer patients.  They all love him.

Becca is 26 and has always been the star of the show, amazingly intelligent and creative, big-hearted and sensitive, a leader and loyal friend, a daughter to be proud of.  She has battled severe anxiety-depression and is coming shining through.  She’s an artist, philosopher and musician who lives the Bohemian life in Brighton.

Sam is 23, another amazing and unique individual, with a clear and strong perspective on the world and a soft heart.  He loves computers, music, drumming and movies.  He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in January 2010 and is brave and determined in confronting it. He lives at home with us in Loughborough.  We are walking this journey together… the tightrope between hope and despair, denial and reality, carrying the burden of living with a hidden cancer and the threat on our son’s life.

The Scipture says, ‘You set the lonely in families’: I’ll own up to that!  I am one of those who has been rescued and found redemption.   I am a beloved wife and a blessed mother and my heart has found a home and my life its identity and purpose here.


2 Responses to My family

  1. Jane says:

    SA – what a beautiful family you have. Jane xx

  2. Christine says:

    Sally Ann – What a special family you have. Your love, openness and honesty is an inspiration. Christine xxx

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