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Post Script

In the aftermath of coming to the end of the life of this blog, I have been resting, praying and feeling my way forward. After a l-o-n-g winter, early spring is now on the doorstep, so this is simply a … Continue reading

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Write out!

It’s the last day of November – of course I have to write today!  The calendar is going to change, that new month feeling coming round again – look back, look forward, set my face… #daftwoman. But you know by … Continue reading

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Starting the month off right

October’s here – it’s time to write again. Before I can give out I must take in, receive some input, a message of hope to my dry old heart, morsels of wisdom from heaven.  ‘Man cannot live on bread alone’, … Continue reading

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Auspicious day

If I was waiting for an appropriate day to blog again – which I wasn’t really, but sometimes the date does make me carve out the time to write – today is probably as close as I’m going to get: … Continue reading

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Making space again

I am desperate to break my blogging silence today!  When I wrote the date yesterday I had to laugh, because it was 12.7.12. Ooooh, what a lovely date and I didn’t even see it coming! 😉 Last year I was … Continue reading

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I haven’t read Ulysses, but today’s date was made significant by Joyce’s book. It isn’t what I want to write about! It’s just what happens in my brain when morning’s floodgates are opened. It is the stream of consciousness that … Continue reading

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Listening to your life

Ray composed a poem just for me and I can “do what I like with it”! I think that has to be a first. Best of all it’s a really good poem and even before I gained permission I was … Continue reading

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