Tonight’s the night!

Update! The BIG DAY is here:

Headshave for Haiti

It’s midday on Saturday 5th October – a long awaited day. Martin is playing Haitian music while trawling the internet for clips about the island. He has found some real shockers… 😦 I’ll put them up on the Haiti page soon, when I can face it, but it’s one step at a time on this journey and I already have enough to cope with for today.

In stark contrast to the sad and terrible stories of injustice and pain, the island music is full of joy and life. Perhaps that just serves to underline all that has been lost but it also gives hope of what can be recovered: we’ll play some this evening for those who pop in for the hour to watch me ‘lose my head’!

Tonight’s the night  – it’s gonna be alright?!) For some reason I have Rod Stewart going round my brain! ‘cos I…

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