One amazing summer

Today I am going to treat myself with a new approach! It is part of opening my presents and counting my blessings, I suppose.  It is something I should have done before now, but toward the end of the year, as the days get shorter and darker and life turns inwards, perhaps there is an extra pull to look back to sunny days, to cogitate and dream.  Surely we all need time to review our lives – especially now they move so fast – and  I have always thought autumn, with it’s wood fires and cosy woollen jumpers, was the perfect time for getting the photographs out and re-living warm, bright afternoons with gratitude and satisfaction.

Of course, this past summer has been more extraordinary than most and packed full of personal as well as corporate happenings: such once-in-a-lifetime events deserve to be brought back to the forefront and savoured more than most – and not just in the last week of December when we’re singing auld lang syne.  It’s a modern hazard that we let go of our joys too quickly in order to move on to the next thing – life is just too busy and too full to linger.  For instance, I love taking pictures and keeping a photographic record: in the old days of film and print this would be the time of year to empty out the packets and mount them in an album, but now they just sit in iPhoto and I often don’t even make time to share them. That’s a shame because they’re GOOD

Summer events!

So I’ve decided, I’m going to buck the trend, stop this steady forward motion for a while, and instead of fast food, rapidly digested and forgotten so that the rumblings start again in an hour or two, I’m going to take my time and chew some cud for a while.  While Christmas stealthily approaches we can relive the forgotten months together, revisit the delicious moments I didn’t have time or energy to write about at the time.

What fun – a treasury of memories just waiting to be rediscovered. Now I just have to decide how far back to start! Maybe I’m getting old and nostalgic but I want to celebrate life and there was certainly an abundance of it in Summer 2012!


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One Response to One amazing summer

  1. It’s a shame that my plans to write about all this didn’t materialise beyond one post. But I still intend to tell some Summer 2012 stories over on my Longing to Escape blog… so check it out there in April 2013!
    I have also made much better use of my lovely photos since writing this and now have a photoblog where I can post them for wider enjoyment – A Lover of the Light 🙂
    Both these links are in the right-hand sidebar

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