Autumn afternoon

About 2 hours ago I got back from a cycle ride.  I left it too late really, but it was better than not going at all. The sun was so bright in the blue sky earlier in the afternoon,  beckoning me to it’s warmth – why did I stay inside in the dark for so long? Just another example of choosing tidying up over enjoyment I suppose 😉 But hey – stop the guilt trip! – I DID IT! I went outside and did something purely for FUN!

Actually… in order to make it more ‘purposeful’ I did actually take my purse and plan a route to the nursery in the nearby village to pick up a couple of pansies for the hanging baskets that need changing tomorrow. But this is good too – I love gardening! It combines beauty and tidying up!  It is so hard to just go out for a ride without knowing where you’re going – I rarely do that: there has to be a reason, a purpose to it.  So that helped, not hindered the fun part 🙂

The sun was a bit too low for perfect sunbathing-while-cycling but it was OK. Bit cold as well – scarf and gloves affair – but crisp and warming as I got going: good exercise too – I score again! Rather too much traffic too – next time I won’t hang about when I hear the call of the great outdoors: riding my bike is one of my most favourite delightful activities – there’s a long history to that – I really should do it whenever I can.

As if all this wasn’t enough fun for a girl to have, I also took my camera along.  Coming home by a different route I found an old country lane that used to lead to some houses before they built the noisy ring-road extension. Now it just leads to a bridge over the steam railway line and a dead end – a haven in the middle of the Friday afternoon traffic.  You can enjoy it with me, courtesy of my Pentax and some clever editing on iPhoto…

More about all this in the next post! Enjoy your weekend 😉


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One Response to Autumn afternoon

  1. Jo Bentham says:

    What a lovely afternoon. I love autumn and the vibrant way in which you can see the change in seasons. May be this is because I had to study Keats for A Level Eng Lit and my favourite poem was his “Ode to Autumn” – Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that.
    Thanks for the photos.

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