Taking the pith

My posts are way toooooo long! After limping through the last ‘3 in 1 and 1 in 3’ we all need some light relief!  So many thousand rambling words! If only I could be concise – provide a bite-sized piece, some concentrated wisdom in a short post of 200 words or so – or even 500 would be something to go to work on… like an egg perhaps.  My blog is more of a book than a diary!

This morning I decided I am going to change all that: I have spewed my guts too much and it’s time to discipline my writing! Well, from time to time I do feel rather vulnerable and not a little stupid for putting my heart ‘out there’… it’s very tempting to beat a hasty retreat. I definitely decided I’ll spend the next significant 21 days – that I have ‘specially set aside for reasons of my own – in typing appropriate and pithy little entries every day – very succinct and to the point, short and sweet, clever and compact, well thought out in advance… very attractive and easy to read with one nice photograph.  Get to the heart of the matter, the kernel of the thing and just say it loud and clear, with none of this beating about the bush! It would be good for this budding writer, help me improve, take things up a notch… But oh dear, WordPress is telling me that this post has 230 words already and I haven’t made any points yet!

I do love to make my self-improvement plans; as no-one else is involved in giving me a work routine, I have to set the rules for myself, surely? I will map it all out and work out where I’m going, try to bring some order and meaning to my journey. I will certainly reap where I sow, so it must be a good thing to set some goals and deadlines – we all know not much gets done without some sort of pressure! It gives such a sense of satisfaction when the plan comes together – yes my A Team alter ego is Hannibal Smith!

So I’m thinking all this and feeling very self-righteous by this time… and then I catch the twinkle in the Lord’s eye. “It’s your choice,” He says, and smiles at me. I remember then what He said about taking on the easy yoke and learning from Him and how the daily walk through life when yoked next to Jesus is so much more life-giving than my self-made rules… and I smile back.

There I was doing it again! I so often set myself these tasks and end up regretting it – feeling constrained when there was no need! I don’t have to do a compressed ‘daily diary’, of the next 3 weeks, do I? I don’t always have to be so darn good all the time 😉 What a lucky thing I didn’t get straight on-line and come right out and say it out loud on the blog – pin myself down, set myself up, load other people’s expectations on top of my own… ah, whoops – perhaps I have just done that?!

Me – short and sweet? Imagine! As Martin would say in his best American accent, ‘No can do, baby girl!’ Oh dear… I do wish I could sometimes – but there are no eggs involved in the making of this post (geddit? yokes/yolks?) You know there are already plenty of intelligent, short blogs out there in the blogosphere if you need a quick ideas or comment snack, but on here it’s usually a full-blown 8 course meal with all the extras and different wine for every dish, including dessert!  Yes, it takes some digesting and probably a gulp of Gaviscon, but you’ll never forget you ate it and may very well put on some weight.  Ha ha. ‘Meat not milk’ is one of my favourite expressions at the moment – I wonder if ‘Meat not milk publications’ is taken as a domain name…?

Now we are up to over 650 words, but what the hell… Because the pith is all very well, but if you want the squelchy, juicy fruit you have to pull the thickened layer off with your fingernails to get to the flesh of the thing. There is no quick and easy way to eat a citrus fruit – it’s messy and sticky and takes effort – a bit like reading my train of thought! A bit like tracking with my journey… a bit like real faith and real questions for real life.

A pithy mess

Or as I read when I randomly opened a devotional book by the wonderful Frederich Buechner just after that special Smile hit my spirit this morning, if you really want to write well it is actually very simple!  ”Just sit in front of your typewriter and open a vein” A man called Red Smith said it and Buechner commented that an intravenous transfusion of life from the writer to the reader is the only thing that makes a book worthwhile.

The Sally Ann paraphrase of that would be, “Just sit in front of your MacBook and open your heart.” So if you’re still with me and perhaps if you want to know about the 21 days, you’ll just have to keep reading, receiving the heart to heart transfusion – blood and guts, pith, pips, juice and all!

Just under 900 words 😉 That’s quite short for me!

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