Marking time

4 out of 10!!

I thought of this title and it made me laugh: whoever thought of giving time a mark out of 10?!  Well… I just did!  Plus, we’ve had a joke in our house for some years: when things get tooooo busy, Martin always says, “Oh no! Everything is happening at once! Time isn’t doing it’s job properly!”  

Well, shouldn’t time be accountable for all it does – the missed appointments and barely-caught trains? I really think we should start examining the ever-marching measurement of the hours and days and see how well it is serving us – or not. How can time ‘fly’ one minute and ‘drag’ the next anyway? Surely a measurement has to stay constant, yet time obviously takes no notice of such things…! 😉

"I'll give it 7!"

It amused me to think about this: I have a friend who might give time a very low score just now – definitely a ‘fail’! – for not delivering what was promised. I myself might rate it higher at the moment as this month has been quite exciting and purposeful.  In fact, in another way I have already ‘marked’ the month of March – taken a red pen to it, notated and commented on it – since I deliberately set these weeks aside as a season of ‘work’.  I’ve had to be focussed and disciplined to deliver my planned church ‘teaching course’ alongside other obligations and the sense of purpose/deadlines have certainly given me energy and fulfilment.  But it has also created some stress and, to be honest, I am tired – so I’m now more than ready for the ‘marching’ to be over and the Easter holidays to arrive, please!

Here again, time seems to be letting me down – I am ready but the calendar is not! I spent most of this week willing it to be Friday – yes, ‘pay day’ had something to do with it – and ‘time’ insisted it was only Wednesday… not very accommodating at all!  So instead of moving forward I felt I was just…well, ‘marking time’ actually.  And of course, this is the 3rd meaning of the phrase – ie ‘marching on the spot and going nowhere’!

‘March on my soul, be strong!’ – even when that means working on the ‘patience muscle’ and waiting for the time to pass… Because it turns out it is not time that is at fault at all, but simply my weakness and weariness, wrong expectations leading to frustrations.  The eternal truth is ‘there is ‘a time for everything’ and so I must be waiting on it – not it on me. In fact the psalmist clearly declares ‘my times are in Your hands’ (Psalm 31v15)… and there is only ever one Winner when we try to argue with the Almighty!

It seems the Lord does know my times, even when I disagree… Yesterday, 29th March, it was exactly 11 years since Martin, Sam and I moved into our house in Loughborough.  I came home from a day out to discover Sam’s drums in the hall – the last of his personal possessions being moved over to his own house. For some reason of his own he suddenly decided it was ‘the right time’ to ‘cut the cord’ and move every last thing out of his old room.  It probably has a lot to do with the empowerment he feels at having finally received his backdated benefit payment plus around £1000 raised by kind Sam Supporters practically responding to his outburst about people putting their money where their mouths are (thank you, thank you, thank you! it is massive for us, who have to bear with all the repercussions of his moods…)

Anyway, here we are, ‘co-incidentally’ 11 years on from moving in with him (when he was a mere 13 years old) and he is finally, finally moving out.  Yes he has done that before before – but as he says, this really is ‘the right time’ for all of us…  Plus today, 30th March, is also (coincidentally) exactly 6 months since the September pay day that we finally got the keys to his house that he now calls home…

Don’t drummers also ‘mark time’?

The drummer moves out


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