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I’ve had a busy week and no time to write, but glad to receive this post sent by a friend and it’s a great poem with beautiful creative insights, well worth sharing.  The friend is in California but the poet lives in Cambridge, UK and happens to be the associate chaplain at the church Martin and I got married at in 1982 and performing at the Blue Ball in Grantchester tonight where we went on our first date! Anyway, wish I’d written this, but it’s Malcolm Guite – I’m not that good and I don’t smoke a pipe! Happy Spring everyone xx

Malcolm Guite

In the little space between Mothering Sunday, which was also of course Refreshment Sunday!! (what a relief!) and Passion Sunday, I thought we might have some refreshment and change here as well before resuming the sonnets, so I am posting a new poem which is an experiment in using Spenserian Stanzas. It’s about a walk on a wild wet windy early spring day but as you will see its also about the four elements within and around us and also, perhaps a little meditation on those hints in Paul that in Christ’s redemption and renewal of humanity will also be the redmption, in and through us, of all nature, that ‘the creation waits with eager longing of a hidden glory in us to be revealed’. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

Once again I am indebted to Margot Krebs Neale for the beautiful images which accompany these poems…

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  1. I’m so glad it blessed you…and how wonderful that you have the connection with Malcolm though that church! God moves in mysterious ways….

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