Sam speaks out!

Well get yourself a cup of coffee or something stronger because here comes pure unadulterated SAM. A challenge to Christians – and just about anybody else!

Hello everyone. I’ve been invited to write a guest blog explaining my points of view. It’s long reading, so bear with me. Apologies for my past anger, it was not meant to burn without cause – it’s meant to WAKE YOU ALL UP. And that’s what I’m going to do here. If I came across as rude, I’m not in the business of insulting hope… though this was what I started to type on the blog before stopping….as follows..

'those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!'

‘OK, I’m pretty mad actually that this has leaked in this fashion. There’s no way for me to speak my case in the way I want to now that this has leaked out to a readership of dozens in a highly improper and impersonal fashion.  This was and is exactly why I remain anonymous to both Christian circles and this blog. They have already decided how to view my case and my position according to their self-contained, self concerned position.’

So yeah, sorry about that.

Financially speaking, I’m in a fair bit of debt. I’m starting a business for myself – I’m lucky. I’m in about 2k of bank and medicinal debt – BUT – I have a solid, ethical business model with high potential. I have a guaranteed place on a  coaching program which will get me to the 6-figure-yearly level in this field – and has done so for all others who have a place.

I’m not really fussed about money, that kind of cashflow would be marvellous, but it’s really about the medicine – I’m not COMPLETELY convinced it will COMPLETELY heal – any critical thinker leaves some room for their life changing tack – it’s just the next best step, and a damn good one. I’m going to take another brain scan, then with the money I’ve collected so far, I’m going for another course. It’s already bettered my day-to-day experience. 😉

With regards to proof, I’m certaintly  not mad at those who have less imagination (my word for faith) than me, because that’s not my business.  What IS my business, is love, fun and hope for the future. I have a huge list of things I want to do in this lifetime, my life is hardly ‘intolerable’ – it’s improved actually, quite a lot!

But let me explain to you where I’m at so we’re all on the same page, without ANY confusion.

Firstly, money is simply put, power. It’s a thing of value, but only because it’s a symbol of faith. It’s the oil that greases the gears of our belief, in how much the individual components in any product are worth in the marketplace, from production to final distribution at any one time, based on supply and demand; to that extent it’s nothing more than a representation of our own belief in our view of the world, and ultimately our very self image. Even supply and demand is ultimately dictated by the flow of ideas. Since I believe that ‘belief’ begins in the mind as a creative, imaginative declaration – “I AM” – over an observation of what you perceive to be in front of your face – wealth begins and ends with our own psychology.

I should explain my spiritual point of view. (strap in here, folks!)

I am not strictly Christian. I have explored many different religions, spiritualities, philosophies, psychologies and esoteric/occult texts. I view them all individually, from an aesthetic, historical, and cultural viewpoint, as well as combined to seek the truth within. What I wanted was not a dualistic ‘good vs evil’ standpoint which required no critical thinking, nor a hodge-podge of over marketed New Age truths that would get stuck in my mind and refuse to add up, but instead understanding into the very perceptive nature of reality – beyond politics, religion, philosophy, institutions, social conditioning, even basic description: but instead abstract sensory direct experience, a place of true joy and revelation.

I found it in the ‘Toltec Teachings’, a series of texts that states that sensory experience derives from an infinite number of threads of energy emanating from a singular ineffable source (God) and that we through our thoughts, words, and actions, perceive a given number of these threads (through a point mystic Toltec seers describe as the ‘assemblage point’) at any one time.  As a part of the whole – a literal ‘child of God’ – we have the capacity to perceive any number of these threads in any arrangement. The overall aim is total awareness of the whole, and to follow spirit no matter what – to eventually come to union with God and to be one. Whether or not this is objectively real is another matter entirely and perhaps besides the point, but it’s a good metaphor for myself at my current level of awareness and so a good experiment to play with. I don’t take it seriously and neither should you! :p

It essentially backs up the idea that I have stated for many years, that ‘if God is everything, all religions and paths have to be true’ (from a certain point of view). Quantum physics backs up a fairly similar point of view when it states…’we have no absolute truths save any given particle MIGHT be in two places at once.’  My father said, remarkably eloquently, ‘Or maybe God is one particle, in all places, all of the time.’

Now, I know not everything in me is ‘godly’, and not all ways of looking at the world ring true for either you OR me, I still have a point of view and opinions – but through the power of the thoughts that give me the highest joy and true passion, the powers that unify belief with peace and strength, I can find my way back home to union with God.

Since my image of God has come to far outstrip the notion I was raised with and certainly beyond the idea of his desire to punish his own creation for the free will he gives us – much like giving someone the electric chair for a parking ticket – I have to assume that God has given us such unbelievable power to create, and has stepped out of direct action, since he has total faith in our ability to solve our own problems without needing to step in like a neurotic tyrant. It is in our BASIC NATURE to seek divine revelation, without any external institution – the Senate, the pulpit, the schoolroom, the wardroom, the TV room, any of it. In fact, all of those are external reflections of the denial of some element of our own power!

It sounds like a drug-induced stupor. But there are no hallucinogens required, and that isn’t why I am interested in marijuana. I choose to believe, that though I may not demonstrate my highest self consistently at this time (as the only real sin anyone can ever commit is to be anything less than their best and fullest self),  I have the ability to overcome anything.

I choose to believe that I am complete and will never sacrifice my God-given integrity, no matter what anyone else tells me. This is the extent of my faith – I cannot believe in a God who made me broken only to seek never ending salvation.

I AM saved, since evil is a shadow that always passes with time, and so I say THANK YOU – and mean it in my heart and gut. I then follow the action that gives me the highest excitement and joy, as I know in my heart I own nothing, that the things around me which I once assumed to be under my right of ‘ownership’ are only there to give me joy… through my highest excitement I give those around me the greatest benefit, instead of wallowing in boring theology, silly ritual, empty time-wasting entertainment, reactionary doomsaying, or any number of cultural illusions.

The only thing I can control  is my attitude, my thought, word and deed – and through my seeking I have found a system I can believe and get behind, and claim a notion of a God that transcends male-dominated, stiff, dogmatic religious structures that discourage independent thought and imagination. I really do seek the real deal.

I also am able to sift the chaff from the misinterpretation, distortion, deletion and downright lies that is inherent within religious text, not only the nature of language, but the nature of perception and habit patterns in YOUR OWN MIND. I’m not interested in ‘outsourcing Jehovah’ to the middle man anymore! I appreciate the beauty, poetry and aesthetic in Eastern mysticism and Zen Buddhism, the Proverbs, Psalms, (*coughSONGOFSONGSISWONDERFUL*cough*), and the strength of the great philosophers, Nietchze being a personal favourite. He was right when he said’ ‘God is dead’ – because we killed the myth, leaving only the power of direct experience for the brave individuals to follow after. Up until this point few have taken up the challenge with the tools available.

So, yes! Back to money. It, like sex, is our personal power made manifest in the material world. I choose to act on the belief that, since money is a symbol of value, one must build relationships with others and provide products and services, to receive according payment. As someone who has come full circle with regards to financial education, I definitely state ‘seek and you shall find’: opportunity has certaintly come knocking at my door. The only thing that got in my way so far was ME.

At the core of it, personal power is LOVE, and love is the source of all true morality. Morality cannot be legislated, except in the human heart. The current state of our collective consciousness dictates that we be almost forced into action by truth-seekers who have nothing to lose and accordingly don’t mind a good fight, rattling cages by questioning anything and everything.

We often despise these individuals because we don’t want to see the ugliness  of the world we live in, or even the deep inner beauty of our own souls. I recommend this not to wallow, but to sharpen our awareness, our alertness, and our ‘eternal vigilance’ as American president Thomas Jefferson called it, so that we can overcome challenges and share in triumphs with the totality of our being.

For example, if you want to help the Third World, first believe in YOU to the point where you are consistently being your VERY VERY BEST (and this is why I am a HUGE self development nut), and then pick ONE charity or cause that you know you can truly make a difference to, preferably in person! THEN FORGET GUILT – GUILT IS USELESS.

As for my medicine, it’s beyond debate. There’s no room for moderacy about this. Hundreds of papers existon PubMed (a large medical database) attesting to the therapeutic value of the chemicals in cannabis in many causes (a brief search says there are 737 pages of papers referencing the word ‘cannabinoid’). I know of 3 cases – 1 of whom I have met in person – who have recovered from a stage 4 glioma, quite possibly the deadliest form of cancer out there, using ONLY cannabis oil, and many others, one of whom I have helped indirectly begin recovery from terminal cancer. The nail in the coffin is that I felt my lump be highlighted – explode in a clean, burning fire – right after taking the first of 60 days of constant treatment back in last October. The chemicals directly highlight brain tumours. There’s no way around that. The response is as real as it gets. The evidence, anecdotal as it is, is overwhelming: IT WORKS, and even if only a small amount of what I said is scientifically valid, this is a significant medical breakthrough. Any money you send me will go towards another visit to Canada and my new friend David – who is LEGALLY ENTITLED to grow cannabis under the jurisdiction of HealthCanada.

I know how easy it is to doubt. Doubt stops your mind from being creative and critical; from functioning itself. That’s not what Jesus called us to do.  As I type this, I’m watching Noam Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’, a documentary on how modern democracy is built upon a ‘highly indoctrinated society where elemental truths are totally buried’ – citing the example of how the US invaded South Vietnam – a modern equivalent would be the illegal invasion of Iraq for weapons that WEREN’T THERE… To quote Chomsky himself, ‘if it’s correct that a fundamental element of human nature is the need for creative inquiry without the arbitrary limiting effects of coercive institutions, then a decent society should maximize the possibilities for this to be allowed.’

I’m not here to provide intellectual discourse on modern or recent history, my point is to illustrate how clearly the truth is buried. You are not only not immune as Christians, you are deeply, DEEPLY exposed to it. The modern Chinese church faces routine persecution, torture, even death for their faith. Yet they wouldn’t have it any other way. This is what I find so dispiriting about Western Christianity. It is dogmatic, docile, and unquestioning. Many of you WANT to hide, from both yourself and each other, and then have the audacity to call trut- seekers ‘insane’ or ‘blasphemous’. Your language and focus is giving you away as to where you are placing your value and faith, yet many of you are hiding it under kinder words, euphemisms really. Such as putting the word healer in ‘quotation marks’ as if no one else except Jesus ever healed the sick. Believe me – it has been done. When Jesus said, ‘no one comes to the father except through ME’ – I believe he meant, ”MY EXAMPLE’.

Now, it’s easy to deny all I’ve said, to state how one is ‘full of sin’ and that one ‘can’t just believe in yourself and trust your feelings’, but everything else has crumbled and fallen apart in my life to reveal this truth to me. Myself, in the fullest observation of myself, would be perfect – in the eyes of  both myself and the God I perceive – until I inevitably receive a higher challenge and choose to act on it. Anything less than that is just the mechanism of fear. Fearful beliefs have 4 tools at their disposal:

REWARDING the need to defend one’s beliefs instead of thinking critically.

REJECTING anything out-of-hand which does not fit the status quo agenda

PROJECTING unclaimed or unpleasant elements onto an opposing force

being PARANOID that something or someone is out to ‘get you’.

…all in the name of having NO CHOICE. A desire for a mediocre life of SURVIVAL.

I push through all 4 in full knowledge of my splendour and say THANK YOU for it all. Because on some level I chose it through my action or inaction…not to decide, is still to decide!

We live in a world where the megaphone and filter of our cultural story, the mainstream media, do much the same thing, in how they select and class topics; emphasising, framing and filtering issues, and setting boundaries on debates before they even begin: by determining, selecting, shaping, controlling and restricting the flow of information. Because I have free time and a passion for the whole truth and nothing but, and as such did my research, I can safely say that cannabis is a hot potato: used in tinctures as early as 60 years ago, but demonized because it runs directly against the interest of the power elite (paper mills, pharmaceuticals) to maintain their power base in the same fashion they have before. They demonize it by using the small percentage of those who fall prey to ‘cannabinoid psychosis’,  inflating those rare cases to a large number of column inches, gleefully backed up by tabloids who are looking for a cheap, scary story. Besides, there’s no money to be made in a substance that grows virtually anywhere, so who’s going to fund trials of the kind that are necessary, let alone legalize it?

In the face of opposition from just about every corner that I can succeed, I believe that, as Matthew 7 states, one will ‘ask and it is given’ – that much has been backed up by the evidence of those who I have talked to in the New Age community who have applied all manner of ‘Law Of Attraction’ materials to great success – INCLUDING healing cancer.

I can almost hear the sneers and derision coming at me for stating that – but how dedicated to the truth are you? Or are you more willing to deny what’s in front of your face because it’s easier, because it’s more rewarding to be paranoid, and project self-denial and reject? I remember seeing a Richard Dawkins documentary where he went to a famous healing place to find that ‘only six’ out of thousands had experienced healing, and used that to back up his argument. If I were him, I’d investigate those six to see what they were doing, because how scientific am I if I let my arrogance get in the way of the reality of life?

If you TRULY care – you’ll do what it takes. Until that time, I have to assume it’s just not that important to you. And I have no time for apathy. The Emperor wears no clothes – the difference is, I’m proud to stand emotionally naked. This isn’t about the messenger, hell, it’s not even about the message. It’s about YOU believing in YOU.

If you worry about the legality of what I talk about, look in the Bible, and look at church history.  It is more Christian to defy the law in the face of the truth. If you believed as I did – and the evidence is there for those who bravely seek and understand that sometimes there is no way of truly discerning the truth behind the veil that has been knowingly constructed – then you would be shouting this from the rooftops. It is less Christian to hide behind dogma.

Sure, it takes bravery to question your own beliefs, to look at every angle before making your own decisions with certitude, joy and personal power, but until that point, do you even believe in yourself? Do you have anything to offer… ANYONE? How real are your value offerings in business, how fulfilling is your life, or your relationships?

This is my final point. It’s about YOU. Not them. This situation has made me realise that the only thing I want to do is grow – to contribute. I seek to learn to serve. That’s all. Honest, full, loving communication. I don’t care how much money you send. I just want to talk to you, to know that you WOULD send money if you could, even if you CAN’T. I want REAL friendship. Nothing less than that. To that end, I seek your love, your intimacy and tender kindness. I would talk about how this has changed my relationship focus, but that’s a story for another time, and you all deserve time to chew over what I’ve said.

In short: I am going to survive this, completely recover, and gain perfect health. I accept nothing less and will act with the power of thought, word and deed that God gave me. That is the power to do anything. Your doubt of this is your own business and it’s own reward but I have had this backed up by a Toltec master seer who has cured many of cancer. You are welcome to deny this and be derisive on this or anything else in your own time; I don’t have the wherewithal to dispute those  who disagree, so I will ignore them.

Thank you all for reading what no doubt must have been a very challenging and direct read. To say nothing of long and boring. In the words of the blogosphere, ‘TL, DR!’ 😀

A wonderful day to you all!



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3 Responses to Sam speaks out!

  1. greghartigan says:

    For myself I have to say I found a lot to agree with. Thanks Sam. By the way do you have a paypal account I can pay into? Best wishes with your journey. Seek truth wherever it may be found.

  2. Julie Beckett says:

    Hi Sam,
    I can only reply to your words in a personal way as my viewpoint is just that – my viewpoint. Like the person’s comment before me, I see much truth in your words, while not agreeing with all your views.

    I am a Christian and know a very personal relationship with God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit which has been ongoing for over 40 years now – I was a young child when I was ‘born again’, I’m in my 50’s now!… In this relationship I have found ‘a place of true joy and revelation.’Joy is an attitude of mind, not an ooey-gooey feeling. I can see from the way you write that you understand that.

    You say,’If you TRULY care – you’ll do what it takes.’ That sentiment has been the driving force throughout the generations: passion brings about action. Slavery was not abolished in a day, but decades of fighting by William Wilberforce (and others), for what was right and using every tool to achieve that aim.

    We as Christians are by no means ‘perfect’. At times, I feel there may be more hypocrisy in ‘the Church’ than outside. That greatly saddens me, because it was the very thing Christ fought against in his generation when he turned over the money changer’s tables in the temple. With all my heart, I try to be ‘exactly what it says on the label’. I want the reality I’ve found in my relationship with Jesus to be crystal clear – if it is not so, then I do not have the right to speak as if it were truth. I believe, because my personal experiences have shown me that this is truth and I have to act with integrity in respect to all I have learned.

    Like you I am not willing to let go of that integrity for a second! My mind is finite and my understanding becomes greater over time, but the older I get, the more I see – ‘the less I know’.

    So Sam, I will keep on praying for you and your family…
    Julie 🙂

    • Sally Ann says:

      Thanks Julie
      As Christians we often do like to speak out ‘the truth’ we have experienced. If we are really living it out then perhaps that is more valid, but it can still come over as arrogant to others if we assume to know the whole picture. Yes, I too believe Jesus said “I AM the Truth” – but as you also say, the older and wiser we get, the more we see ‘the less we know’. That’s why it’s good to listen to one another… Sam’s generation in particular are looking for more than the Church has offered: he is looking in some funny places, but at least he is looking!
      We too pray that on his journey he will experience Jesus as we all have – and more! ‘You will seek Me and find Me when you seek me with all your heart’ Jeremiah 29v13
      Thanks for your prayers for us all
      Sorry I had to edit your comment down a bit!
      SA x

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