The cost of compulsive gambling

My son, Lord – my heart

My big mouth.

I am turned inside-out,

Inner workings exposed to the light

A compulsion, an exhibition…

There’s no privacy in this family!

Dirty linen, warts and all,

No secret anguish undeclared.


My cards are seen

I don’t know if I win or lose

The stakes are high –

I’ve yet to see the hand You hold


It’s all I have – it’s all I am

I’m walking in the light… so cover me!


About Sally Ann

True-story teller - words and pictures
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2 Responses to The cost of compulsive gambling

  1. mollie woolliscroft says:

    SallyAnn your heart is so big and caring don’t beat yourself up about the things you say and think. You are the most open person I know and that makes you the most vunerable person I know as well. I owe so much to you I wish I could take your pain away. But all I can do from here is to pray that God will give you the strength, the courage and the rest that you need. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

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