New year, new focus

Lovely new calendar!

Don’t we love new beginnings – that lovely clean slate, clean page feeling… a chance to leave the mess of the past behind and do things right – or at least better?! Hence the resolutions we make as the numbers change tonight… new goals and fresh determination. That’s not wrong and really suits some people – though most of us know we fail within a few weeks… However to deliberately ‘sow where you want to go’ is a good tenet to adopt in life at any time of year – as I have written many times before, (eg here) – and it doesn’t have to be at the start of January! Any and every day can be a new start, ‘the first day of the rest of your life’: I particularly like the beginning of August (8 = new beginnings) and September (9 the number of fruitfulness, maturity and birth) 😉 Or the first day of Spring, or my birthday, or the end of a 40 day season… ha ha. I’m always looking for new starts! I love that clean, finished feeling and fresh faith rising – the joy of knowing sin is covered, all is left in the hands of the Lord, all is well and there are new adventures to go on… That can however be a bit false, can’t it? Life is not really like that… but hey, let’s go with it as the path takes us round a new corner: His love is ‘new every morning’ – and every week and every month and every year (Lam 3v23).

God marks out our lives in personal ways and sometimes He uses numbers.  Is He marking out something wider for all of us in 2012? Many believe He is: 12 is an important number in Scripture – 12 tribes, 12 apostles – it denotes government and authority. Being our Olympic year and the Queen’s jubilee too this coming year certainly seems to have special significance for the UK. There have been 7 years of preparatory prayer since 2005 (remember July 6-7th – successful Olympic bid followed by London bombings?) with the aim of welcoming the presence of God as we welcome the nations to our shores… So watch this space, I guess! Who could have foreseen all the crazy events of 2011 this time last year? Has it been a watershed for you? The nations of the world are now repositioned and in a place of no return… we have reached the new river valley on the other side of the mountain and must go where that river is taking us. If you are interested in these things, a good word for 2012 has been released by Paul Leader on Martin Scott’s blog, indicating the direction the people of God will be taking as these 12 months unfold: it sounds pretty good to me on my particular journey – thanks, Paul! 🙂

Anyway, at the end of 2011 I am reassessing again.  Sam is home now and yes, his moods go up and down – manically happy last night! – but having tasted independence I do want to continue to pursue my own path and allow him to live his own life too.  It is very hard for us to look forward to this year – we don’t know what will happen… it is of course even harder for him… So I have appreciated the input of a friend who had an interesting dream in which she had to tell me that this past year I have been  ‘busy and distracted with many things’ but next year I must ‘focus on my son and daughter who are walking with Jesus’!  Does God speak through dreams? It seems so – and I can’t escape this one! It certainly helps bring things into focus – hmmm… Well, Sam and Becca are my son and daughter – and it’s not as if I haven’t been focussing on them this past year! I think my ‘son and daughter walking with Jesus’ must mean all these other Christian young people who count me as a mother!? How can I focus on them?

So all this is to say that this New Year I am going to stop blogging here for a while – in fact I am going to focus on what has been growing in my heart over the past few months and continue blogging on my Mercy Cry site instead!  Mercy Cry: Future Hope will be a prophetic prayer gathering we are planning to hold on Saturday 25th February specifically to bless and release the emerging generation and the young people in our nation in this Olympic Year. Loughborough is hosting Team GB and the Games are undoubtedly primarily aimed at the youth of the nation, so it is a perfect opportunity to sow some spiritual seed into their  lives. There are threads from the past to pick up and tie in and spiritual direction to set for this new generation – it has to happen in heaven before it can happen on earth or as Wesley said, ‘Prayer is where the action is’! So I am resolving to focus my energies on that for the next 2 months: it is my work.

I can’t see any further than that, but in many ways it is the best thing I can do for my own children – they are part of this generation too and will be affected by what happens on a larger scale. I also accept that these kind of big prayers may not be answered for many years… but I have to play my small part in Jesus’ kingdom.  Lord, squeeze out the richness I carry and refresh many children – make my 5 loaves and 2 fishes into a feast: only You can do it!  If you want to come with me, just click on – otherwise I will be back here in the Spring… and where will we all be by then? 😉

This is post no 201 since I started this blog: 201…  2.  Now wait 2 months for 202 with the New Year in the middle.  I like that… but then, little things please little minds! Happy New Year – and thank you for your friendship on the road.


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