I shall not want?

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…                Psalm 23v1

‘I shall not want’, the psalm says… but is that true? There are lots of things we go on wanting, go on lacking, whether we believe in God or not! They are not just material things… but things like good health, happiness for our children, being understood and appreciated, relief from pain, some measure of inner peace – not just for ourselves but for those we love and for whom we pray.  

Believers and unbelievers alike, we go on wanting plenty our whole life through.  We long for what never seems to come; we pray for what never seems to be clearly given.

But when the psalm says ‘I shall not want’ maybe it is speaking the utter truth anyhow… Maybe it means that if we keep our eyes open, if we keep our hearts and lives open, we will at least never be in want of the one thing we want more than anything else.  Maybe it means that whatever else is withheld, the Shepherd never withholds Himself – and He is what we want more than anything else‘  

Frederick Buechner, Listening to your life, p 179


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2 Responses to I shall not want?

  1. Sue Roth says:

    Hi Sally Ann…thank you again. Always amazes me how the Lord speaks exactly the word I need to hear. Over and over and over again. Well, He speaks it. I still have a hard time actually “hearing” it and “receiving” it and living it. Deep, deep, deep in my heart. I know how you like numbers. I do too. Many, many numbers. Part of the vocabulary the Lord is building with me. When I exited reading this blog my inbox count was “23000.” Psalm 23 x 1000. Just thought you might get a kick out of that.

    • Sally Ann says:

      Indeed I do! And I am stuck on the 23rd psalm at the moment and Buechner’s commentary on it – as you’ll see from today’s post ‘paths of trust’! 🙂 Much love to you, Sue, and thanks for following and commenting x

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