Reality check

This ghostly shape was on our bedroom window on return from holiday at the end of May.  The heavy rain has not succeeded in washing it off and the window cleaner has not yet been, so it continues to greet me each morning as I open the curtains…  Although Martin refuses to agree it looks to me as if that owl that we heard calling every night met a painful end – though as there is no body to prove it, perhaps she was only stunned… It’s like something out of Harry Potter!  Imagine the end of a l-o-n-g, clean, midnight swoop and crash! Reality check!  So much for the all-seeing, wise old owl…

We have been living in a dream this month – the speed of events has left us breathless! We knew that life held some major changes on return from our Menorcan ‘family extravaganza’… this is where I link ‘Hot House’ – except I didn’t get round to writing that post – which is probably for the best 😉 Not least among the changes, Martin was returning to work after his 2 months leave – and that has certainly been a reality check!  But then within a few days of being back, Sam had proposed to Jessa and so, reassured that the time was NOW, we started flat hunting for them in earnest.  It didn’t take long – the first place we had been drawn to ended up being perfect… and empty! So they moved in at the end of the week!  I seems all my watching and waiting had finally ended.

Of course that’s not true.  It has been a time of transition, with a lot of coming and going. I think Sam took the last of his stuff this weekend, but he could still return for more! Jessa has made a lovely home for them over there, but the finance for it only flows in one direction… and over and above it all we continue to hold the uncertainty of Sam’s health. Meanwhile, I have spent the last 2 weeks cleaning and reorganising my home – the best bit was getting all the carpets cleaned: they look new again! This weekend a young friend of Sam’s age moved in to lodge with us until her marriage in December – she walked in as Sam and Jess walked out after a visit on Saturday… and so we continue to invest in the next generation.

In addition, we have found a house to buy for our son and future daughter-in-law!  It doesn’t seem too sensible to pour money into the rental market for the long-term – the trouble being we don’t know how long we are talking about… but how can we hold back on giving Sam quality of life? And the house we have seen is perfect, just round the corner from us, modern and petite yet built to look like the old houses around it, with a small yard for Jessa to have her beloved dogs. In fact this is the house that was for sale last year and Sam kept saying, “I’d like that house: it’s just right for me.” We didn’t even know it was still on the market until the lady who owns it – who is obviously a neighbour but also an acquaintance from the local church – rang me about something else!  The Lord, apparently, led us from there…

This is a huge decision, taking on another mortgage and all the associated expenses – a big sacrifice to make.  Perhaps it is Abraham, in the end, who sacrifices himself for Isaac? Such a difficult call to make – yet what else can we do? If we do not invest in the next generation, what are we investing in?  This is our seed, all we have to give – to sow into the ground for a harvest.  Did you know that money is seed? This seed says, Sam will live and have a wife and pets and a home of his own.  It also says, all this is not for nothing – there will be others, there will be children, there will be fruit – there is redemption!

What a crazy few weeks – estate agents and mortgage quotes and choosing a solicitor, the excitement of an adventure – alongside the scary decisions and sobering counting of the cost.  Yet still the dream-like state, the being carried along on a wave of events, the flow of ‘rightness’, the sense of being led – with ‘all change’ all around, having my own life and home back, clearing out the rubbish, planning for the future… In the middle of all of this the expectation of our story being published in a major newspaper at any time!  Yes, we are our very own reality TV show and should have a dedicted film crew documenting our extraordinary lives – we are way better than the Osbournes!

But perhaps I am in danger of believing my own publicity, because none of these were the reality check I needed.  I woke up on Friday thinking – ‘immigration’.


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3 Responses to Reality check

  1. annie says:

    Hi again Sally Ann, yes, I remember Dale Gentry talking about what would take 6 years would take 6 months and what would take 6 months, 6 weeks etc and thinking that sounds good….. however, when you are in the middle of it, the squeezing is anything but comfortable…. much love to you, xx

  2. justinleeds says:

    Hi Sally Ann,
    spotted this on bbc today and looked familiar

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