Feeling ‘specially small

I am merely a snowflake,

One grain of sand,

A tiny light in vast, velvet space;

Among the billions

I’m nothing special…

Just one in a million.


I’m intricately, intimately known,

My greying hairs are numbered, I am told –

According to the Man who said,

“Your Father knows,

He cares for you,

He counts sparrows!”

While lilies dress themselves like queens

The atoms of creation

Are held together in a Loving Hand;

In life and death

He over rules:

He gives us breath.


It doesn’t mean it all makes sense!

I’m choosing to believe

Behind the scenes this is directed play…

And my one story somehow has a part,

This painful journey

And my battered heart.


When every unique snowflake floats to earth,

When every grain of sand is washed to shore,

The universe ablaze with all its stars –

I’ll be ‘among that number’ in the sky;

Though minuscule, a molecule, a byte,

My song will join with all the others then

And we will see the glory of the Lord

In each and every one and in it all.



About Sally Ann

True-story teller - words and pictures
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3 Responses to Feeling ‘specially small

  1. Richard says:


  2. Victory says:

    this painful journey and my battered heart….yes I hear you. xx

  3. christine says:

    Thank you for the poem. A tiny grain in the rolling sands of time.

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