2011: a watershed year

None of us can predict the future: it is the undiscovered country and there are no maps. Yet we all want to know what will happen because it helps us feel secure.  Every new year we look to the prophets and ask if there is any word from the Lord.  Sometimes there are quite a few – do you remember “2008, the year of the gate”?  I do!  I make a point of keeping track of what national voices have said – not just in January and February, but throughout the year.  If the Lord is speaking it is good to know what He is saying and it is our responsibility to listen and test these words, especially if, as in 2008, a number of people were saying the same thing.  If we treat ‘prophetic utterances with contempt’ we are on dangerous ground (1 Thessalonians 5v19). I for one want to be in step with the Spirit and His times and seasons (see Embracing the Season)

We all have different gifts and we all prophesy in part, so you won’t be surprised if I choose to talk about what I see in the numbers – especially if you read 20:20 vision!  Maybe if we put it together with what others see there will be a few guidelines for 2011, a few signposts to follow on this unknown path… That is up to you, but eg. check out Paul Leader on Martin Scott’s Perspectives blog as well if you like.

I have been drawn into numbers by the Holy Spirit: strange but true.  (There is a story about bumping into the number 52 a lot on the Mercy Cry journey on the 10.10.10 post.) I don’t always like it, but there it is… I have even been jokingly dubbed ‘the Carol Vorderman of the spiritual world’.  So of course in thinking about the new year, I am going to ask questions about no 11.  I have had a lot of experience of 7 and 8 and 5 and 9 and 10 and 12… but 11? Where in Scripture is 11?

“The eleven” came into being at Jesus’ betrayal – at the Last Supper in fact, as He dipped his bread in the bowl and passed it to Judas (John 13v27) and they remained “the eleven” until Acts 1 and the Upper Room, just before the Spirit came. At that point Peter understood from Scripture that the numbers had to be made up to 12 again because the 12 patriarchs of Israel were being mirrored in the foundations of the church that was about to be born – a new covenant and a new day.  But 11 ‘held the fort’ between the Cross and Pentecost, between the end of one era and the start of a new one.  So 11 is the ultimate transition number, between 10 – testing and affliction – and 12 – authority and government.

More transition?! Yes – it is an ongoing process.  We had endings and new beginnings in 2007 and 2008, but this birthing is taking longer than a few months.  There is a whole new era in view (see Paul Leader’s post and A New ERA on this blog): that kind of paradigm shift takes time – death, burial and resurrection – the testing of the desert before the release into power.  The Lord is not in such a hurry as we often are!  He has plenty of time and wants us mature and ready to partner with Him.

I see 11 as a real marker and watershed. Imagine the ‘legs 11’ (anyone play Bingo?) standing one each side of a line.  When the rain hits the watershed it flows one way or the other.  From that dividing line it cannot mix again: once across it the water flows into a different valley, a different river.  It is a pivotal time and there will be no going back: we are crossing over into a new era for the kingdom and work of God in the nation and nations. As Martin Scott pointed out, they became 11 because one fell back… and was no longer able to continue the journey.

Here are some good examples of no 11 at work in this way:  first Matthew 11:11: Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he’. John the Baptist IS the archetypal transition man!  This verse itself demarcates between the old season of the prophets – of whom John was the last – and Jesus’ kingdom coming in: he marked the dividing line between past and future and a whole new level of anointing being available to us all.  While speaking of new anointing for a new time, it can also be inferred that having waited for 10 days in the Upper Room, the Spirit fell on the 11th day!

Armistice Day: 11 am on 11.11 is another example of the ending of one era and the start of another.  The end of the Great War, the time the guns fell silent, the time we still remember with silence every year – marked for all time. The ‘war to end all wars’ (though it didn’t) followed by complete social change, women’s suffrage, etc.

Then there have been 2 9/11‘s that are both markers in our recent history (I mentioned this in 10.10.10).  9 is the number of fruit and gift: in 2009 we talked a lot about it being time to come to maturity and fullness, completeness as sons of God.  If a time came to fulfillment (9) and a watershed was then marked(11) it could not look more like what happened on September 11th 2001 when the World Trade towers fell and the ongoing ‘war on terror’ was conceived followed by the subsequent ‘stand-off’ between the capitalist west and Islamist extremists that has altered all our lives… or the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989, which signalled the end of the Communist Era and finally brought freedom and democracy to the Iron Curtain countries.

All these were watershed moments and markers.  2011 promises to be the same sort of time… What do you think? Where are you in your story? This is surely going to be a make or break year for us! So lets be prepared and be blessed, ‘stay alert, watch and pray’, keep in step with the Spirit.  It is both the best and worst of times but I am not the only one who is convinced it is a new era  – and it is our time!


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12 Responses to 2011: a watershed year

  1. Martin Scott says:

    Sally Ann thanks for this. These kind of words at the beginning of the year are great at keeping us focused and on track. I am with you 100% on the nature of this year being one of great transition. I see more changes this year than in most others. Will keep tracking with you.

  2. izzy says:

    Sally Ann
    Thanks for the email link – really resonant words. Certainly feel we are on the threshold and that while transition will not be easy there is a “thin-ness” between heaven and earth……. an exciting threshold and time of preparation.

  3. Becca Cullum says:

    wow, this made me go all shivery! its pretty much the same as what i heard from God yesterday about this being the year to get ready and step up to the mark. Also interested in what you said about 2010 being a year of testing as we have really felt that but i definately feel that things are changing and the excitement is just starting to kick off! Eek! lets embrace 2011 and see what it has for us! x

  4. melanie cave says:

    Thanks for this Sally Ann. You bring an eloquent and fresh perspective at the beginning of this year. This being a transition year really resonates with me too! Expecting good things. spot on.
    Love you!

  5. Paul says:

    Only just found this Sally Ann and I think it’s brilliant. I’m so glad there’s people like you listening out and watching the signs.
    Love Paul

  6. Mags Tyler says:

    Yep, it works for me, I am very apprehensive about racing through this year. Definately felt it was a one square at a time year, listening intently, watching and communing and indeed taking the forward steps. x

  7. Sally Ann says:

    My friend Marianne has pointed out that there were also 11 sons of Israel after Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt (at least Jacob thought there were!) This also seems significant as a marker of a change of era – in this case between living in the land and going to Egypt. It was a time of testing for Joseph personally and for the family left behind in the famine as well as a major transition for the positioning and journey of the nation.

    Thanks for all the interest and comments! Very much appreciated X

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  9. Sally Ann says:

    A comment a month later: I am giving a talk – partly about this – today. Not only has the change in Egypt happened on 11.2.11 – ‘we are witnesses of a watershed’ but have had cause to look up John 11v11 and Hebrews 11v11. Both are also examples of huge change: ‘Lazarus is dead, but I am going to raise him’ and ‘Abraham and Sarah were barren but by faith became parents’ 🙂

  10. Sally Ann says:

    11.3.11 – another huge marker with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 3 is the number of the Trinity – the community of God. Someone remarked that the Japanese all ran away from the water and falling buildings individually, not looking out for or helping each other… Perhaps it is time for a watershed in the Japanese experience of love, community, relationship: God is calling to that extraordinary nation at this time. See this word from a German prophet, released in the wake of the disaster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRr6xvvAypQ

  11. Mark Purves says:

    Well I have just read this at what is nearly the end of 2011. I thought my own story would be an encouragement to know that what you have heard in the past is from God as He has brought me sovereignly out of a 30 year period of wandering via much fear, isolation, depression a long long way from my Father’s heart back to His shelter deep in the secret place of His heart. I know none of what has been going on the church over these last years so when I come back to God and find Him speaking to me, and then find that what I am hearing chimes exactly with words He has been giving to people all through the time of my absence, then I know He is trying to say something. God has a way of double underlining things of significance. John the Baptist was proven to be a man sent from God because his birth was double impossibility, Elizabeth was both barren and then too old to conceive before she eventually fell pregnant.
    I know that my coming back to Jesus is for this time. It would have been impossible without Him. I had completely discounted myself from ever experiencing all of this ever again. I thought I was completely lost. So I know that what He gives me did NOT come from me. I was not seeking it, I was running away from it, hiding and scared until He drew me through word and circumstance to realise that the one I thought was judging me was holding out complete mercy, restoration and forgiveness. Since the mid-point of this year my whole life and that of my family have been in total transition as Jesus has grabbed me back. Recently I feel He gave me this word about summoning a meeting of significance. It was to do with summoning people to a prayer event beginning at 10pm and continuing until 2 am. The 2 hours before midnight and the 2 hours after midnight = 4 hours and the 2 4 ratio mirror what I believe to be God’s call to 24 hour prayer and worship that He wants to birth. The 2 hours before midnight are to bring about its release and the 2 hours after midnight are to pray for the protection of this release. Midnight is the time of transition. As I read this word placed at the start of this year I am sensing that New Year’s Eve this year may well be the marker point for this to happen. It will mark the end of ths period of transition into 2012 when God releases a non-ending prayer cycle towards the outpouring of His Spirit. I have no idea how and where to see this happen but will share it with others in Derby. If others around the East Midlands can cast some light on this, please let me know!

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