Christmas presence

Madonna and Child by Quentin Matsys

Rejoice, a child is born!  A teenage girl 2000 years ago first showed us what it is to carry God, both hidden in her inmost being and once revealed, in her arms and love and mothering.  She shunned rejection, misunderstanding and fear to embrace His word: “I am the Lord’s servant – may it be to me as You have said” Luke 1v38. She chose submission and obedience, whatever it would cost – and it cost a lot: the wonder and the pain, the intimacy and the loss, the miraculous and the sword.  Along with Joseph she shouldered the responsibility of bringing this son to maturity, nurturing and protecting him, training, loving and eventually letting him go.  There is so much to ponder here. Matsys‘ portrait, though stylized and full of artistic imagery for his early 16th century audience, actually does show Mary as a young girl and Yeshua (that was His birth name!) as a real baby.

Meanwhile back in 2010, Christmas – Xmas – means so many other things… the best of which include feasting and entertainment, the love of families and a celebration of light in the darkness.  Much of it takes us all too easily from the sublime to the ridiculous, when what we really need (as Pinky Pirate says) is masses of Christ’s presence!

However, here are some 21st century views of the Nativity to entertain you over the next week or so!  A nativity acted out by kids in New Zealand – very clever and cute – and an amusing take on what would happen in our digital age...

God rest you all, let nothing dismay you, Christ has been born – and He is risen too!


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