Snow poem

Stock Still

Last night the thaw froze over, hard as nails,

And now the powdered snow is falling down in sheets.

Its soft caress will cover every trace.

So cold, yet beautiful, the landscape is transformed again,

The frozen ground stock still in winter’s icy grip.

Then there’s my heart – a constant flux of thought,

The memories and feelings come and go.

Tears that cause thaw and anger bringing ice,

Topped with a covering that hides it all so well…

And who would guess the treachery beneath?

Do not tread there! Your feet will fail you on that slippery path!


Will I allow the warmth of Spring’s delight

To soften what is hard inside my chest?

Can I let go, forgive the pains endured,

The unjust wounds and times so deeply hurt?

Or when the season turns will someone, unsuspecting,

Hit the patch of ice that’s hidden in my soul

Where winter’s rule continues in the permafrost,

My heart stock still, refusing love’s new kiss?


Life beat again! The hope that leads me on

Is rhythm of redemption’s grace proved true,

To leave the past behind with justice, judgement, in Another’s Hand,

I will embrace the showers that make me clean

And soften all my heart to You.


This poem was first posted on Stories from the Streeton 13th January 2010


About Sally Ann

True-story teller - words and pictures
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