A modern psalm

Though I’ve seen trouble You will restore my life again

Though I’ve been wounded and tasted bitterness

From the depths of the earth You always bring me up again

Increase my honour and comfort me

 Thank you for your faithfulness,

O my God, I love You

And my lips will shout for joy and my song declare your glory

All day long

 Through disappointments you breathe encouragement and hope

My lack of wisdom you’ve often overlooked

I’m overwhelmed* by your grace and by the power in the blood

I grow in freedom, rooted in love!

 Thank you for your faithfulness,

O my God, I love You

And my lips will shout for joy and my song declare your glory

All day long


This song is by Godfrey Birtill from the album ‘Stand up, shake yourselves from the dust!’ – based on  Psalm 71.  Sorry if you don’t know it and weren’t singing along as you read the words; you can’t hear the music – go and buy the album!  (Godfrey’s original wording here* was ‘blown away’.  I have made it my own because its my blog and my testimony. Sorry Godfrey – you can be blown away, I am overwhelmed!)

Godfrey and I met in the late 90’s in the wake of the Marsham St ‘Sowing the Seeds of Revival’ meetings run by Pioneer.  We both picked up the ‘breakout’ DNA and intercessory revival spirit being released from heaven that launched Martin Scott into leading prophetic prayer teams to cities in the UK.  Many of us were mobilised to travel to pray on those teams, invited by those wanting to see change in their territory. From there it led Godfrey to the international prophetic worship ministry he enjoys today and me into prophetic prayer for England and the ministry of Out of the Heart and the Mercy Cry and Mother’s Cry gatherings.  And there have been so many other adventures following the Holy Spirit, ‘riding on the waves the Father makes’ – you have your own story of the last 10 years!  Big thanks Godfrey for breaking out and writing the soundtrack to all that! 

All those involved in those SSfR years of coming together across cities and regions to seek God with humility and repentance, to hear and to pray in the seed of His word, hope and trust that it has brought healing to much past wounding in the land and led this nation into a new place of receptivity to a move of God… that the multiplication we asked for has happened and is happening and ‘out of the womb of the dawn the young warriors will come like the dew’ (Psalm 110v3) – a new generation rising , released to carry the kingdom into every sphere.  God is faithful and He answers prayer. 

So we say thank you Martin, thank you Steve, thank you Chris and all those who were part of teams and who invited teams.  Thank You, Holy Spirit!  We’re still on the journey and we’re still waiting, following the word, following the anointing, to hear the sound rise from every village, town and city.  We’re still watering the seeds as God gives the growth.  We are on a journey in this land, in the same way that our lives are journeys – through trouble, wounding, broken-ness and the deep places, as the psalm/song says, to restoration and new life as we hold on to the promises and faithfulness of God and the green shoots begin to emerge. It seems that the declaration of resurrection in my life and over the nation is a song worth singing. 

This is definitely the song I will sing when I pick up my guitar again!


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2 Responses to A modern psalm

  1. colin says:

    amen! when I pick up my marching bongo again!

  2. angie tinnion says:

    Thanks on so many levels- a chance to reflect on SSFR teams and remember where we are today, still waiting , still watering- being reminded of the fanstastic words of this song that strikes deep into my heart TONIGHT, just when I needed it, causing hope to rise – sharing something of your heart and pain – being inspired yet again by your Deborah spirit. Keep writing, babe. I love it

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