Writer unblocked

I pull the cork and tip the bottle out onto the page,

The ink runs out and spreads in patterns as I fix my gaze;

My past and present, all my days, are open to review,

The sun and rain, the good and bad, provide me with my cue.

Now dip my sharpened quill into this well of memory,

Now open up the path I’ve walked to public scrutiny.

The scalpel blade writes, separating, cutting through events,

Examining my choices, hidden motives and intent.


I’ll excavate emotions hidden in the secret place

And birth them to the light where they’ll receive the kiss of grace,

Just like a surgeon operating on the working parts

Dissecting very carefully the matters of the heart.

The choice to let the cork be pulled, of course, is always there:

I can ignore it, turn my back, stay blissfully unaware.

But finding it is worth the risk, I’ll trace the storyline

To find redemptive meaning in this unique life of mine

This poem was originally posted on the Stories from the Street website on 13th July 2010


About Sally Ann

True-story teller - words and pictures
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3 Responses to Writer unblocked

  1. Nina Wichman says:

    This poem speaks my heart in a way I never could. May we all be willing to “pull the cork” before the Cross…before our Lord…before one another. One of my life verses is James 5:16 — “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other that you may be healed.” I am so blessed with some friends who aren’t afraid of my junk, (nor I of theirs) and I mean the REAL junk…the deep, dark, ugly dregs that most people don’t talk about. But talk about it we must, or the darkness will swallow part of us and we’ll never be able to let the “kiss of grace” in to bring the deep healing we need.

    I didn’t get to know you much while you were in CA, but now I feel a sense of kinship with you. Thank you for writing…thank you for sharing…thank you for following Jesus so closely and for touching so many hearts.

    Blessings, love, and hugs…and prayers,

  2. Victory says:

    love you. well done for the inky plunge x

  3. angie tinnion says:

    Thank you, my friend, for sharing your journey with us. I so miss not spending time with you and this is a fab way of “catching your heart” again

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