Something to say

“The first line on the first page
To the end of the last page
From the start in your own way
You just want somebody listening to what you say
It doesn’t matter who you are
It doesn’t matter who you are”      

Coldplay, Square One

Do we all have a ‘life message’?  I don’t mean just passing comments on the world or intellectual opinions, but something profound being played out through our lives on a heart and gut level, a testimony, a unique story, something only we can share?  My friend Steve Lowton has for some time been provoking anyone who will listen that there are many extraordinary stories to be told by the pens and computers of ordinary people, a rising tide of many voices with stories from the street to silence the shallowness of celebrity culture. 

I owe a lot to him.  I definitely want to be – as was said about me some years ago – “a voice, a light, a spark”.  I want to catalyse others, start some fires, bring some revelation out of all I have learned on my own journey, speak into someone else’s darkness… But I am only one voice among many that need to rise.  Each one is unique.  You know that if you listen to a singer:  no voice can be compared to another, but each person’s vocal expression is like a fingerprint that is theirs alone.   There is no point feeling jealous of Whitney or wishing I could sing like Bono: I can only sing like me!  However, it takes confidence to ‘sing out’ and simple fear stops many people finding self-expression.

I like Coldplay’s lyric though.  Despite that fear, surely we do all want to be heard, respected, thought worth listening to.  Significance is a huge need that we all carry – and that’s not wrong.  Surely all the different life messages need to play their part to make up the whole Big Story.  If one piece is missing in a jigsaw it is not complete.

So how can I find my expression? We all have different ways. I suppose, depending on our gifts and personality – art and music and creativity of all sorts, in my clothes, in my home – the discovery of the ‘little artist’ within.  I have been discovering mine, enjoying learning the piano and doing my garden 🙂  But I know I also have to write, that its part of who I am… a communicator, an encourager.  I have to have the courage to share what I have been given and allow the creative spirit to flow through me – for the common good. 

That’s what this is about.


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  1. heidiscrim says:

    Love this. Well said! Heidi x

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