Countdown: 3…2…1!

Summer is coming to an end.  The chill is already in the air and summer clothes are no longer warm enough.  The garden looks sad as I sit in bright, intermittant sunshine.  When a season is ending you just have to accept it!  It’s pretty much the last day of this summer and autumn beckons.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to balmy summer days, holidays and lazy afternoons.  It’s beautifully quiet in our road all summer long when the schools are out.  But despite shrinking back from imposed routine and the winter cold and darkness, I am hopeful.  I love new beginnings and I love dates and numbers. The first day of the ninth month feels like an auspicious day for coming out into the open, giving birth to all that has been gestating and stirring inside over the past long months.   The season change is at the door… it’s time to take a leap of faith!

Giving birth is a painful business, but when the time comes there is no more waiting: suddenly everything changes.  The embryonic form reaches maturity and must appear in public and be seen for what it is!  That’s the scary part, the vulnerable part.  But how will anyone hear if I don’t raise my voice? And I have so much to SAY!


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3 Responses to Countdown: 3…2…1!

  1. Mags Tyler says:

    I like the first of September, it always feels like a new season is beginning, maybe it’s a connection to being younger and the beginning of the new school year or as you say the change of season. I love Autumn.
    I enjoy reading some blogs, the ones that speak of life and to hear the voices of others on a journey, especially those who share their own journey with honesty and hope. I’ve benefited from reading Steve’s and Kathy’s and I look forward to reading yours as redhead has been an inspiration.

  2. Judith Khan says:

    How funny you are writing a blog. I have been thinking about starting one too, and I had such an urge to start on 1st September. Of course, I’m not organised…. but you doing it, encourages me. You are always encouraging. Much love.

    • Thanks Mags and Jude! Its so encouraging to know you are out there reading it. I really had to work up to it (hence the ‘countdown’!) – but this is the right time 🙂 Jude, you are a writer. Go for it – its really stimulating. Like any birth it requires labour, but I know you’re pregnant – the baby is just a bit overdue! Its time for the ‘manyvoices’ to rise…
      Much love old and new friend
      SA xx

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